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Emergency Response London by EA-RP - A gaming community in partnership with Nights Software © 2022


Emergency Response London by EA-RP is a community for all players around the world. It's base is on FiveM and the game-mode is based on the life in London in the United Kingdom. It's all about roleplaying and going for the realism in it. We're constantly trying to create custom resources and providing them to the public. We are a transparent community allowing people to learn, enjoy, experience and discover. We've chosen to start up in BETA phase. This phase will allow us to make mistakes during the constant development of the Emergency Response Essex project and it will also allow people to understand we're trying things out. What works works, what doesn't doesn't, eh! 

What makes us unique is the fact that we've got several actual police officers from different countries playing on our server allowing us to actually teach people on all aspects of emergency services and we ought to create as much custom resources as we can.  Next to these things we've got actual investors purchasing assets to expand our uniqueness and awesomeness. As an example: We have over 75 paid vehicle models, which are customized to our servers' liking. We have over 30 custom scripts where one of them is a whole game-mode to play!

We're in BETA stages of development, check out more information about this on discord.

Roleplay - Realism
EA-RP is a roleplay based community. We allow the world to join and become part of our community. Our language is English [GB/US]. We focus on the British if it comes to roleplay and area.

100% Server side
Almost all of our server modifications are server side, this means it'll download and install everything when entering the server without having to do anything! Client side mods are not recommended, unless you know what you are doing.

We have created a set of rules to create an environment which is durable and enjoyable. We have a friendly and mature staff team, but when required you will be approached by the staff team. Check out our rules and consider submitting your allow list request in our discord.

Roleplay Explained
We have created a handbook for you to read. After reading it you will understand how we like to play the game with all it's challenges. 

Enjoy your stay and if you need anything, let us know by creating a support ticket in our discord.



Nights Software is created by the original founder of Emergency Academy Roleplay (EA-RP), just like Emergency Response London. Nights Software is the company behind the hosting, development and management of these communities and works together with close partners like Prime Modifications.


Nights Software provides software for FiveM, a GTA 5 online multiplayer platform.

Business details:
KvK nr: 86750364
VAT-ID: NL004304401B33