Advanced Tracking v2

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Advanced Tracking v2
Track/trace your fellow players, or decide to be untraceable! This script allows you to set a GPS route to other players who've enabled that they're trackable. It's provided with a menu displaying people's name and ping. Upon tracking someone a blip will be attached to their entity and you will be able to trace down their location, whilst the distance is displayed on screen you know exactly where your target is. Handy for police backup requests on roleplay servers for example.

- Standalone
- Track & trace players.
- Decide whether you want to be trackable.
- Distance in meters on screen.
- Everything is configurable.
- Discord webhook to display who tracks who (logging).
- Language support.
- Escrow protection.

Video Showcase:

Tested on OneSync Legacy & Infinity, both work.

v2.0.0 Released on 16/09/2022
Check #product-updates channel for all details.

Completely standalone.
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