Air Raid Sirens V3

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Package Description

Air Raid Sirens
The air raid sirens provides you the ability to alert the nation with the press of a button. You can configure multiple sirens in the configuration file and browse through the list, before powering the sirens. Easy to use!


  • Configure volume & sounds.
  • Configure range settings.
  • Multiple siren sound files possible.
  • Custom friendly user interface.
  • OneSync (legacy/infinity) compatible.
  • Custom Air Raid Siren objects.
  • Language support.
  • Minify & Escrow protection.
  • CSS file still editable, find the colors. 
  • No longer requires xsound/PlayCustomSounds (previous versions).

Video showcase:

v3.0.0 Released on 13/02/2023
Check #product-updates channel for all details.

Completely stand-alone.
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