Easy Zones

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Package Description

Easy (Configurable) Zones
Configure all you want in the configuration file and use your creativity to create all kinds of zones which suit your community server on FiveM! Lets get creative!

- Use the 3 preset zones: Borders, Safezones and no vehicle zones: all editable to your liking.
- Configure markers, from top to bottom.
- Configure blips all the way you like.
- Configure text, all the way you like.
- Add as much zones as you want and get creative.
- Configure all kinds of zone characteristics like: invincibility, vehicle bans, speed zones, messages, colours, timers, collisions and PvP mode.
- More features can be suggested!

Video showcase: https://youtu.be/Ngx2utrlWQQ

v1.0.0 Released on 06/04/2022
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Completely stand-alone.
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