Mechanic & Recovery

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Mechanic & Recovery System

- Discord API. (Add this to your cart as well)


  • Configure dynamic vehicle lifts, which can elevate vehicles. [You can also buy 'Vehicle Lift' separately] If you already have it, you can uncomment it and use this script as a whole replace.
  • Configure shift start up locations.
  • Choose whether you want to use our Discord API for permission integrations, or not.
  • Request recovery if there's online players on shift (or respond to the callouts as employee).
  • Configure markers, 3D text labels, commands, hotkeys and buttons to your desire.
  • Configure repair stations and repair vehicles, change vehicle window tints and adjust number plates to your desire.
  • Configure spray rooms to customize vehicle paint jobs and wheel colours, liveries.
  • Configure your notifications system and make use of the integrated on employee shift internal chat for communication.
  • Configure your personal success messages to suit your server.
  • Configure your blip layout style for on shift employees and recovery/mechanic stations.
  • Tune parts for your vehicles at configurable locations.
  • Apply or remove vehicle upgrades at configurable locations.
  • Customized ramp object with correct collisions.
  • Apply or tune wheels, neon and colours to your preference whilst the vehicle is ON the ramp!
  • Configure other text the way you want it to be.
  • Free updates, suggest your ideas!

Video Showcase:

This script does not include the mapping or vehicle models shown in the video.

v1.4.0 Released on 30/08/2022
Check #product-updates channel for all details.

Optional dependency: (Night) Discord API.
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