Props&Speedzones V2

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Package Description

Props & Speed zones
Place down props (like cones / barriers) with a user friendly interface and use a menu to set up or remove speed zones, placed by players on the server. This has been tested and proven working on OneSync & OneSync Legacy.

- Configure props you wish to be place-able.
- Configure commands, hotkeys, buttons, blips and messages.
- Configure your menu style and button text.
- Animated prop placing.
- Place up to about 70 synchronised props.
- Place speed zones: define speeds and sizes to your liking with an easy menu.
- Export function: exports['night_prop_system']:OpenPropMenu(src, true)
Export function: exports['night_prop_system']:OpenSpeedZoneMenu(src, true)
- Stand-alone.

NOTE: CUSTOM Props from the video are not included!!!!

Video showcase:

v2.0.1 Released on 31/08/2022
Check #product-updates channel for all details.

Completely stand-alone.
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