Airstrikes FiveM

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Package Description

Airstrikes FiveM!

Orbital cannons & flying around dropping an airstrike configured your way! You decide how and when you blow stuff up! Almost everything is configurable and adjustable!


Orbital Canon/AC-130/Your fantasy.

  • Configurable weapon types for the orbital cannon.
  • Adjustable accuracy.
  • Selectable attack modes: Automatic Targeting, Manual Targeting, Surveillance.
  • Configurable controls, speeds and wind effects.
  • Configurable background overlay.

Airstrikes from planes

  • Fly configurable planes and drop the airstrike you desire: Fire, gas, cluster or normal bombs. 
  • Adjustable amount of bombs.


  • Language support.
  • Permission based (or not).
  • Optional integrations:
  • - Ace Permissions.
  • - Discord API (Purchasable)
  • Escrow protection.
  • Lightweight & steady.

Video showcase:

v1.0.0 Released on 03/07/2022
Check #product-updates channel for all details.

Completely stand-alone.
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