Natural Dis. DLC 2

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Package Description

Natural Disasters FiveM - DLC 2!

Every had the choice to end the GTA world your way? Well here it is! Your ending. End-joy!

Choose to configure wind strengths, gravity adjustments, particle effects, fires, falling and burning pedestrians (NPC) and build your end of the world aftermath in c_functions.lua!

Requirements to purchase the DLC:
- Natural Disasters (base)
- Natural Disasters - DLC 1


  • Configurable disasters
  • Earthquake (base)
  • Storm (base)
  • Meteor Rain (base)
  • Power Outage (DLC1)
  • Hurricane (DLC1)
  • Sandstorm (DLC1)
  • The World's END (DLC2)
  • Optional integrations:
    - PlayCustomSounds (included)
    - xSound (included)
    - Air Raid Sirens (Purchasable)
    - Discord API & Discord Linked Admin System (Purchasable)
  • Escrow protection.
  • Lightweight & steady.

Compatibility notice:

If you are using vSyncR or qb-weathersync you can request an updated script via (ticket), preventing your world from flashing weirdly.

Installation notice:

Use our  documentation page.

Video showcase:

v1.0.0 Released on 06/07/2022
Check #product-updates channel for all details.

Completely stand-alone.
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