Garage System

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Package Description

Garage System
The garage system allows you to configure infinite garages around the map. All these garages can be linked to discord roles, allowing you to set up permissions for each individual garage. It's also possible to configure spawn, camera and showcase positions. This gives you infinite options for what you desire to do with this garage system! Build it your way!

Optional Integration [included]

Configurable garages (Names, vehicles & more)
Optional discord API (Discord roles permissions) integration or everyone can use any garage.
Camera view on dynamic vehicle selection.
Configurable language settings.
Configurable 3D text.
Configurable markers.
Configurable camera positioning.
Configurable spawn positions per garage.
Configurable garage entry per garage.
Configurable blips.
Usable for almost every purpose of a session based garage system.
Escrow protection.

Video Showcase:

v1.0.0 Released on 23/07/2022
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