Weapon Crates

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Package Description

Discord Linked Weapon Crates
Create your weapon crates all over the map. Configure your style and edit it all to your liking! This scripts provides your with weapon crates where players can grab weapons from. Everything is built to be easy-to-use for the player. Almost everything is configurable and this script is provide with language support. Check out the features!

Required Integration [included]

Configurable locations.
Configurable camera view.
Configurable blips.
Configurable markers.
Configurable 3D Text labels.
Configurable permissions by discord roles (Use included Discord API)
Configurable sections. (Example: Police Officer, Armed Police officer, Taser Officer)
Configurable weaponry. (Example: Each section can have different weaponry in them, like a baton and a taser for taser officers)
Configurable weapon components per section and per weapon.
Configurable prop for the weapon crate.
Configurable weapon crate names, location names and section names.
Language support.
Escrow protection.

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v1.1.0 Released on 25/12/2022
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