Boat Rescue (Tow)

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Package Description

Boat Rescue (Tow) - Early Access
Emergency! There's a boat in trouble: No problem, Boat Rescue (Tow) for FiveM is now a thing! Float up next to the boat you desire to tow and select one out of the closest boats. Once you've chosen the boat to tow a rope will be attached to it. It requires some skill to operate the rescue boats, but I'm sure you can manage it!

Configurable settings.
Configurable dummy's to attach to (For 3D modelers).
Configurable markers.
Configurable language.
Configurable rescue boats.
Configurable commands, hotkeys and buttons.
Configurable rope length UI.
Sound integration for the winch.
Language support.
Escrow protection.

Optional rope texture edits

Video Showcase:

v1.2.0 Released on 06/10/2022
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