Party System

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Party System
The party system for FiveM allows you to team up with your friends and companions. Being in a party has the advantage of being able to see, find and protect each other. This party system offers loads of configurable options for the server owner to set up: Party menu and display colors, blip settings and language settings.


  • Configure menu colors.
  • Configure party settings. 
  • Configure blips and their setting to your liking.
  • Friendly fire protection for members in the same parties.
  • User friendly menu browsing.
  • User friendly party display.
  • Party tracking to find your companions.
  • Integrated basic notifications.
  • Language Support.
  • Escrow protection.
  • Standalone.
  • Made for OneSync Infinity (FiveM) (required!)

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v1.0.0 (public) Released on 15/01/2023
Check #product-updates channel for all details.

Completely stand-alone.
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